Rust Rules

Rust being Rust, too many rules and regulations spoil a lot of the fun. The one absolutely positively non-negotiable rule is that Racist/sexist/anybodyphobic language is a bannable offense. There will be zero tolerance for this. You can be as hateful as you want in 99% of Rust servers, keep it off of mine. I also have little tolerance for griefing/harassment above and beyond the Raiding/PvP that is part of the game. Abusing other players and maliciously wrecking their stuff is not part of the game.

That out of the way, some notes on the server.

  • Gameplay is “mostly vanilla.” 90% of the oxide mods running are administrative and/or announcement controls. There are a few mods that affect the individual experience, like Stack Size Controller (allows you to carry more in your inventory than Vanilla) and Everlight (allows you to switch light sources on and off without fuel). The latter may either go away or be restricted to admin builds in the future.
  • I am MOSTLY a non-player admin. I will occasionally sign in at the beginning of a wipe cycle to install/maintain admin builds (more on those in a bit) or to sightsee around the island. I will not use my admin privilege to wreck your stuff, nor will I help anyone else wreck your stuff; that isn’t any fun for anyone. Also if you catch me out and about and I’ve been careless enough to not enable god mode, there’s no sanction if you shoot me. This is Rust. GG if you manage it and enjoy whatever surplus crap I’m carrying.
  • Just to liven up the map, I occasionally spawn in one or all of a few saved builds for players to explore/scavenger hunt/play hide&kill in. I almost always put the First Church of Obi-Wan in; other structures that may appear depending on my time and interest may be The Maze or some variant of Anagram Castle.

That’s pretty much it. Have fun on your visit!