The Worlds

ARBTServer Reboot (V4)

Type: Infinite
Game mode: Survival-ish. Depends on what each user’s doing
Seed: 19781007
Date created: June 3, 2018
World size:

Second verse, same as the first. (A little bit louder and a little bit worse.)

I decided earlier this year that the old world was getting a little full and all the various unfinished builds I had scattered about in it were starting to stress me out. So after the Update Aquatic, I archived the old map and started fresh with the same seed… and immediately started a ridiculously large build.

ARBTServer Main (V1)

Spawn PointType: Infinite
Game mode: “Creative.” This was originally a Survival mode game, but as my builds got bigger I learned to hack the settings to flip it between creative and survival long before cheats and mode switching were introduced as in game features. It’s pretty much been exclusively creative since mid-2015 or so.
Seed: 19781007
Date created: July 18, 2014
World size: well over a gig

This is the world I’ve been playing/building in since 0.9.0 was released. Most of my posts here are about this world. Archived between June and November 2018 until it was resurrected as a Bedrock Dedicated Server alongside the above map.

ARBT Survival World

This was a “reboot” of the main world map that was created for the regular players of /r/ARBTServer, exclusively in Survival mode. Same seed as above, not nearly as expansive.
Seed: 19781007
Date created: ca. late 2015
World size: TBD

Mine Tree (dreamscape)ARBTDreamscape

Seed: 121508
Date created: May, 2014
World size: 3.5MB

This is Fisher Price® My First Minecraft World™, crafted between May – July 2014.

Camp CreeperA Hunt

Type: Pre 0.9.0
Seed: -969541487
Date created: June, 2014
World size: 1.5MB

An alternate world containing a scavenger hunt type game I built.