Theoretically, a Minecraft world is not, in fact, infinite.

This blog used to be called 51 Trillion Squares. Back in the wild west days when the sun rose in the north and infinite worlds had just become a thing in MCPE, I figured that You can get maybe 100,000 blocks away from your zero point before things got a little screwy. By that logic, an infinite world should amount to 200,000 blocks along each axis, times a world height of what was then 128 blocks… it works out to 51.2 trillion blocks in a world. Not infinite, but still a big wide world to explore.

Originally I started a blog as somewhere to put my thoughts on Minecraft as an experience, pass along news, and to show off my monster builds and document my journeys through the strange, not-so-little world I carry around with me in my pocket. It’s gotten a little bit away from me as I opened my world to a ragtag bunch of reddit kids, first on Monday nights hosted from my phone, then 24/7 as I figured out how to move my now 3 year old main maps from phone to tablet to Win 10 computer.

I mostly played solo when I started this blog, and I mostly play solo again, though the world is open to visitors both new and old. With the debut of Better Together, I figured it was time to blow the dust off this blog, incorporate it with my other game hosting, and get exploring again.