ARBTServer Rules

So you’ve been checking around the site and have decided you want to visit the awesome places described herein? Awesome. So how do you do that?

1) Join the Discord.

2) Check out the Rules for Rust and Minecraft. Try not to get yourself banhammered. 😉

Notes: We’ve come a long way from me hosting Minecraft games from a regularly overheating iPhone 5, lol. That said, my servers are pretty jury-rigged, being as I am a one person admin working with the hardware and tools I have and hosting is one of my 40bazillion hobbies. Games will occasionally lag, crash, or disappear and since I don’t have eyes on them 24/7 I often don’t find out for awhile afterward. If any of that happens, let me know! and I will try to fix it as soon as humanly possible.