*blows the dust off*

A screen laid out to look like an old fashioned TV, with the game Castlevania VI playing in the main part. In a round window onthe right, a black woman with colorful braids gnaws on a SNES controller in frustration

Ayyo gang! How is everyone holding up in this the year of Our Pandemic 2020?

Seeing as we’re all stuck home I’ve been slowly ramping up my gaming, and recently discovered I missed streaming games on Twitch. So I started doing that again last week, after performing a long delayed Ritual of Digital Necromancy on my main computer, which had a drive failure last Christmas and had been sitting dormant for 8 months after that. Then I realized I hadn’t updated in here in a dog’s age so I’ve been in here cleaning up some. Going to be adding a few more game categories over the next week, reflecting what I’ve been doing.

But first off – The Tentative Twitch… Schedule. (Is there a T-word that’s a synonym of schedule? All I can think of is ‘Tinerary, which… no.) All streams run from 7-9:30/10pm EDT unless otherwise marked.

Monday – Minecraft Monster Builds. Just me noodling about the realm in Creative mode. Will take requests for what to build. May port in past structures from other versions of the seed with structure blocks.

Thursday – (every other starting August 27th, 2020) Throwback Thursday – I fire up my old, still operational SNES and play a game from my teens. Seeing as it’s leading up to the Halloweentimes, I’m of course starting with Super Castlevania IV.

Sunday – (starting August 30) Spooky Sunday Shenanigans! Again, leading up to Hallowmas, starting with an SNES favorite, Zombies Ate My Neighbors. This ought to be fun – I’ve never played the game all the way through.

Eventually I want to add a stream on Tiara Tuesday (no idea what I’m doing, but I will be wearing a tiara while I’m doing so; maybe Animal Crossing?) and have a weekly stream where I don’t play games but I do beadwork on camera. But I think for someone just ramping up their channel again three scheduled streams is more than enough.

Check me out, follow, subscribe, whatever, if you play Minecraft, come play with me.


As for this blog, I’ll be slowly incorporating more posts about the games I’m playing off-camera as well. Looking to include stuff about Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Mario Odyssey (I never finished that… oops). Toying with picking up another PVP shooter game, which seems a little WTF considering some of the brain scars I have left over from Rust, but I’ve been watching my friend Legojer’s weekly streamed game of Hunt: Showdown with his friend FallDownGoBoom and it actually looks like fun? So IDK, if it goes on sale maybe. Depending on how long the pandemic wears on, I may succumb to my baser nature and pick up Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates again. Who knows? Not I.

Stay safe, sane and well out there.

No one warned me about the adorable dogs!

So I finally FINALLY had a few minutes of uninterrupted downtime today to play Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch. I hadn’t gotten out of the Sand Kingdom yet and both the Beasts are WAY ahead of me so putting in some catch up time was overdue. So I finished up with the boss (That is an awesome boss battle, btw!) and played a couple of the little minigames that unlock when you do… and then I ran into The Puppy.

So there’s a dog wearing a little pork-pie hat in the town just wandering around. If you follow him and try to play with him (translation, bonk him with Cappy a few times) he’ll lead you a little ways into the desert to a beam of light emitting from the sand. If you ground pound the beam, you get a Moon. Standard side quest stuff. What I was not ready for was for the dog to become your BFF for the rest of the time you stay in the Sand Kingdom, loyally trotting around after you wherever you go. You can even play fetch with him if you toss Cappy for him to chase, and it is the Cutest. Thing. EVER.

Go get it, boy!
Who’s the best boy in all the Kingdoms? It’s you.

And then this happens.

Noooooo, puppy. 🙁

He can’t get on the Odyssey with you. He’ll look distressed and then do this thing where he’ll stand up to follow you, and then sit, and then stand up again. And you’re like… nooo new puppy friend, I want to take you with me! But the game won’t let me!

Not gonna lie, I was a little bit heartbroken to have to take off for the Lake Kingdom without my hat wearing buddy. I guess in this game there can only be one faithful companion on this adventure. Damn you, Cappy!

Some news type things

Two characters, Pearl and Marina, from the game Splatoon 2. Pearl is glaring at the camera, Marina looks excited.

Open a gaming blog, immediately neglect said blog; that seems to be my general M.O. I’m thinking scheduling content time might be the only way to keep me posting regularly, so I declare Sundays are news post days… starting now!

ARBT gets a Switch

One of the major reasons I’ve been absent the past week is I got a Nintendo Switch after stating that “I’ll get it for my birthday” nearly all year. Wellp, up came my birthday and here we are. This is the first console I’ve ever actually bought for myself, so I’m kind of stupid excited about it. (My previous two were the SNES and the Wii, the latter of which I primarily used as a Netflix delivery vector before we got a Roku.) I’ve haven’t really gamed on any kind of console in literal decades, so I’m having to finally confront the irrational controller fear that kept me away from Xbox and Playstation. (Oh God, so many buttons. I’m an Old, shut up.) This is me trying to get past that hurdle/prejudice/aversion/something something dark side.

So far I’m slowly (very slowly) figuring out how to handle myself in Splatoon 2. Not ready for salmon runs or what have you yet by any measure, but at least I am thoroughly enjoying beating up tentacled creatures and making a huge inky mess in the bargain. Husbeast also got Mario Kart 8 maybe the day after the Switch arrived, and we also later picked up another set of Joy-Cons so we could all play it at once. The trash talk factor in my house has gone up exponentially much to my amusement, especially since Husbeast and Wee Beast pout in exactly the same way when they lose races to either Eldrich Teenthing or me.

ARBT on Twitch *

I’ve now had two streaming sessions on Twitch and have had decent feedback on both, so I’m going to set a regular stream time from here on out: Monday night from 7pm US EDT to ??? I’ve done one session on Minecraft (which I’ve lost – kind of a bummer) and one on Stardew Valley (I may chop that session up into highlights and put clips on Youtube… haven’t really decided yet). I may do a run on Rust this Monday just because I wanna do a bit with the Halloween features before Thursday’s wipe. I may switch it up mid-stream but I’m not 100% sure yet. I’m still kinda figuring out how to Twitch and the overall character of my channel right now. I’m sure I’ll settle on some direction as I do it more, but for now it’s pretty much whatever I feel like doing.

And that’s pretty much it for this week’s news post. Since it’s all stupid and rainy and both the kids are otherwise occupied I’m gonna go put in some more Splatoon time.

ARBT out.

* The rhyming headlines were in no way intentional.