Minecraft Rules

General Server Rules:

ABSOLUTELY NO GRIEFING. This includes destroying my or other people’s stuff, setting fires, detonating giant TNT bombs or (in survival) killing other players. This is NOT a PVP or Hunger Games type server; please go elsewhere if that’s how you want to play.

This is a kid-friendly server. Please keep language PG rated. Also while conversation is fine in chat, please don’t spam it.

The area around the spawn point/house is pretty full, so please range outward from spawn to build your base or creation or whatever. It’s a HUGE map and most of it’s empty. I also want to encourage others to explore the world and help me build stuff in areas that I haven’t gotten around to exploring yet.

If a creeper or player damages road, subway or a structure, let me (I always play as ARBT or Anagramofbrat) know so I can repair it. If I’m not at screen, and there’s an immediate problem that needs addressing please report it on Discord.

Unless a chest is marked in some way (usually via sign), the stuff in it is fair game. The big houses next to Spawn on all maps and the giant labyrinthine underground sprawl behind spawn in the survival world is for everyone to use as well (but please don’t modify it.) Vegetable and livestock farms near Spawn are also free for everyone to use.

If you see something cool and you take pictures, send them to me! This goes double if you have a cool texture pack. I’ll put them up on here.

That’s pretty much it! Have fun on your visit!