Open Server II: Electric Boogaloo

Thanks to Brandon, 57, Kidzilla, and Mathguy for coming!

To everyone who was having connection problems, ARGH! I’m sorry, I’m not sure what was going on.

The good news, considering people really liked coming in and hanging out, I have decided to do open server weekly. So see everyone next Monday at 6!

I am a little behind on build posting – I am working on entries for the Circus (which I missed the WBC deadline for – oops) and the Four Guardians, but due to aforementioned main computer problems and a show on Saturday I have to prep for, those might be delayed for a bit. I also promised tonight’s players that I’d write up how to host external players on your pocket devices. All that will happen at some point, it just might be next week sometime!

Thanks again, y’all.