I like what you got

Well considering I found this on the Minecraft server right when I was wondering how I was going to kick off Blog 2.0, it seemed like a sign. (also thanks for the laugh, EvilPenguin!)

But yeah, this is the second incarnation of my gaming blog. It will mostly still be minecraft based, but I’m hoping to feature some Rust as well as maybe other Stuff I Play (because you all really need to hear about my angst over whether to marry Shane or Elliott in Stardew Valley, right? right.) I’m hoping in the coming weeks to slowly bring the Builds section of Minecraft up to date and kick off my Twitch channel.

It occurs to me that some might wonder why I’m dedicating most of my blog to my mostly-dead-these-days Minecraft server and my lets-face-it-it’s-always-dead-in-here Rust server. I don’t know. They may not be the most populous places in the game world, but they’re mine, and a fair bit of my non-player friends occasionally ask about what I’m doing in Minecraft these days so there’s that reason. Also as a black lady gamer in these troubling times, I feel the need to represent, to be a candle in the pepe-the-frog-littered darkness that is gamer space, to be all like “Hey. It’s not all 14 year old edgelords here. I’m here, and others like me are here too.”

So. I’m ARBT. And I’m here again. Come play with me!

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