The First Church of Obi-Wan

Time to give my Rust island a little love!

Every wipe cycle I take the time to paste in one or two builds to liven up the landscape a bit. (Considering the island is usually empty, the landscape needs a lot of livening.) The first one is always the First Church of Obi-Wan, named for the giant picture of a bearded, Jesus-esque Ewan MacGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi hanging inside.

I built this originally for a private session of hunger games/hide and seek for my friends on the server; I built the church, put myself into God mode, and for every skull of another player they would bring me as “tribute” I would reward them with a gun. More skulls presented generally got better guns. Needless to say the game got brutal very quickly and the chest I was standing behind to receive tribute filled up VERY quickly with skulls.

I liked the church build so much that when I started leaving the server open I first would rebuild it in world immediately after wipes, and then once I discovered the Copy/Paste mod, just started pasting it in. It is built with strategically placed teddy bears and other comfort generating furniture, as the idea is for it to be a sanctuary where players can rest and heal up, though since there’s nothing preventing other players from popping in and sniping whatever sitting ducks are currently inside, and also since the helicopter can see inside via the grates in the cieling, there is only so much safety to be found inside. Use at your own risk.

I’ve made some improvements over the past few months, the latest being adding a side porch for workbenches and a large furnace in the back.

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