Kitty Trap

So noodling through Tumblr I discovered the above picture. After having a chuckle and mostly agreeing with the notes under it (my favorite being “this would be the horror movie scenario which gets me to leave my car and get murdered” because yep) I looked at it again and went “hey, that might be fun to build in Rust.” So I found a desolate looking hill by the satellite dishes, quickly built a bunker (with some decent loot hidden inside), then carefully lined up two huge wooden signs on the front facing the road. I then doctored up a cropped photo of just the graffiti, sliced it in half, and loaded it onto the signs using the SignArtist oxide plugin. I’m pretty pleased by the end result.

A Rust recreation of the same WW2 bunker with graffiti.
Happened to catch the cargo drop in the picture too.

Undecided whether this is a one-off joke or if I’ll be including the bunker in future wipes, but for right now I am VERY amused.

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