Fixing and Protecting a Village: Part 2

The wall the main defense against (zombie) sieges. Any good village needs one. So when there was a secret sunday run, that’s what I decided to do. Thanks to ARBT for helping me with a part of the wall. Also Hachi for the suggestion of the iron bars for the gate. I am planning on redesigning the gate because it is uneven, but I will try to keep the use iron bars.

a close up of the wall
A closer view of the wall

See that big open area on the right? I decided to continue the path to from the stone brick stairs. I added a villager house and a proper blacksmith. I redesigned the blacksmith to prevent it from catching fire and to make it look like more like a actual blacksmith. Maybe I’ll add a anvil or two when 0.12 drops.


Please do not burn down my village

I’ll try and think of some buildings to add to the village. Any suggestions? Let me know in the comments.