Featured Build of the Month: A cottage near spawn

August is drawing to a close and comes with several new faces from WSE, a blip with the website domain, and many amazing builds being built or just getting started on. Today I would like to highlight, a cottage near spawn. The cottage was built by BatMan3054 and the farm was built by Swarmhut.

I like the use of bricks as part of the path material, because it really pops against the green of the surrounding grass. I admire how the windows of the building are irregular and somewhat mismatch. The windows of the house make it feel quirky.

The inside of the cottage

Stepping outside to the garden area features your basic crop setup and a outdoor shed.  I like the use of the dark oak and the quartz as the retaining wall holding back the hill.


The best part of the build in my opinion is the roof. The roof looks worn down and has a very natural slope to it.


Well that’s it for this FBoM, until then keep on building.

Update: Due to some miscommunication, I incorrectly identified Rudie as the builder. If the builder would get in contact with me, I will update it to the correct person who built this.


Featured Build of the Month: Hachi’s Base

As July is coming to a close, with it comes exciting news from Minecon, a redesign of the subreddit and many of fun server runs.  FBoM is in its 2nd month and is here to highlight Hachi’s base. The first thing I like about this build is the bottom floor with the checkered pattern used on the bottom floor.

The bottom floor
The bottom floor

The diorite fountains are a nice touch, because they contrast well with the blue stained clay.

A closer view of the fountain
A closer view of the fountain

Going up the large staircase we enter the main room that houses the bedroom, a living room and a small bathroom. A nice detail that is present is the small canopy above the master bed.

Going up to the top floor opens up into a rooftop balcony great for watching the sun rise/set.  wp_ss_20150720_0004

If you want to check out Hachi’s base for yourself, it is located near spawn, behide the farm. You will need to go past my base to locate it.

Fixing and Protecting a Village: Part 3

With a somewhat secret sunday run, I decided to continue pecking away with my village project. Unfortunately while preparing for 0.12 in my own world I forgot about making some buildings for the village. So I asked ARBT for some suggestions and she replied with a suggestion for a tavern. So I took the idea and see what I could do with it. This is what I have come up with.

Entering the tavern leads us into the main seating area with a bar and grill in opposite corners.

where do those stairs lead to?
where do those stairs lead to?

But now by now you are wondering what those doors are on the back.  Well go up those stairs and see. They are guest rooms. The middle room is a bit tricky to get into. The top floor has a balcony  offer a nice view of the village as whole.

one of the guest rooms


Something I noticed while flying over the village as a whole is that someone, maybe ARBT’s stepkid, fixed the steps to the villager houses. Beforehand they were in the way of the path. Additionally I added a small villager style pumpkin farm for future building of iron golems to help protect the villagers. In the end, I am happy to say that I am finished with fixing up this village.

Fixing and Protecting a Village: Part 2

The wall the main defense against (zombie) sieges. Any good village needs one. So when there was a secret sunday run, that’s what I decided to do. Thanks to ARBT for helping me with a part of the wall. Also Hachi for the suggestion of the iron bars for the gate. I am planning on redesigning the gate because it is uneven, but I will try to keep the use iron bars.

a close up of the wall
A closer view of the wall

See that big open area on the right? I decided to continue the path to from the stone brick stairs. I added a villager house and a proper blacksmith. I redesigned the blacksmith to prevent it from catching fire and to make it look like more like a actual blacksmith. Maybe I’ll add a anvil or two when 0.12 drops.


Please do not burn down my village

I’ll try and think of some buildings to add to the village. Any suggestions? Let me know in the comments.


Fixing and Protecting a Village: Part 1

With the news of 0.12, zombies are becoming a greater threat to the servers population of villagers. I have always wanted to fix a village up, so with this I decided to start with the Troll Village. When I arrived to the village, I was greeted by the troll and a villager spawner that I could not break. The first task I started on was fixing up the roads. I replaced the gravel paths with the new grass path block.


I left the original wooden paths alone, because I wanted to keep some of the original parts of the village intact.

A decorate


With one of the larger villager homes, I decided to decorate a little bit. The rest of the time I spent lighting the surrounding area and building a little hut for myself. Next run I plan to build a wall around the village. Got any designs for a wall I should take a look at? Let me know in the comments down below


Mt. Servermore is now complete

A little over a month a ago I suggested a Mt.Rushmore style pixel art construction. As of today Mt.Servermore is finally complete. At first I was hesitant of my skills as a builder doing pixel art. But with some practice, I felt a bit more confident going into this project. If you are not well familiar with who is on Mt.Servermore they are from left to right: ARBT, 576875, Swarmhut, and ARBT’S Oldest Kid (who has yet to make an appearance on the server). The viewing platform is a great place to view Mt.Servermore and is accessible via a side pathway.

the viewing area

To find Mt.Servermore keep going down the main road from spawn and take the last left road. Huge thanks to ARBT for terraforming the hill into a proper mountain (with a secret bat cave).

Featured Build of the Month: A Witch hut in the Swamps

Hello my name is 576875 and I am a regular to ARBT Server. You can call me 5 for short. I am going to start Featured Build of the Month (FBoM) series. Where I show off new and exciting builds on the server. Today I am going to feature a Witch Hut set up in a swamp.I assume this was built by ARBT. What I like about this build is that it adds a small detail, to an ordinary swamp biome. Additionally, I like the use of the oak leaves as the roof of the hut. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the interior. I will try to remember for next month’s FBoM. Until then, keep on building folks.

I'm glad real Witches are not in MCPE (yet).
I’m glad actual witches have not been added to MCPE (yet).