Fixing and Protecting a Village: Part 3

With a somewhat secret sunday run, I decided to continue pecking away with my village project. Unfortunately while preparing for 0.12 in my own world I forgot about making some buildings for the village. So I asked ARBT for some suggestions and she replied with a suggestion for a tavern. So I took the idea and see what I could do with it. This is what I have come up with.

Entering the tavern leads us into the main seating area with a bar and grill in opposite corners.

where do those stairs lead to?
where do those stairs lead to?

But now by now you are wondering what those doors are on the back.  Well go up those stairs and see. They are guest rooms. The middle room is a bit tricky to get into. The top floor has a balcony  offer a nice view of the village as whole.

one of the guest rooms


Something I noticed while flying over the village as a whole is that someone, maybe ARBT’s stepkid, fixed the steps to the villager houses. Beforehand they were in the way of the path. Additionally I added a small villager style pumpkin farm for future building of iron golems to help protect the villagers. In the end, I am happy to say that I am finished with fixing up this village.